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Cemetery Index

Acker, Harry E.
Alford, Ann Powers 
Avery, Nathan C.

Babcock, Amos
Babcock, Charles S.
Babcock, Sarah
Babcock, William G.
Baker, Addie Odell
Baker, Benjamin H.
Baker, Duron F. 
Baker, Emeline
Baker, Hester
Baker, Salena A.
Baker, Susan M.
Baker, William
Banks, Susan P.
Beardsley, Emma W. Lester
Beardsley, Mary Emma
Bostwick, Ann Taylor
Bostwick, Maria Proudfoot
Bostwick, Mary Elizabeth (1850-1851)
Bostwick, Mary Elizabeth (1821-1891)
Brady, Anna Boyce
Brady, Edmund B.
Brady, Elijah
Brown, Mary Ann
Brown, William
Brundage, Armenia
Brundage, Elvira Merritt
Brundage, Evalena
Brundage, Gilbert
Brundage, Harry
Brundage, John (1796-1872)
Brundage, John (b. 1848)
Brundage, Maria L.
Brundage, Martha
Brundage, Mary Merritt
Brundage, Merritt
Brundage, Sarah T.
Brundage, Susan
Brundage, Thomas H.
Burnham, Ella
Burnham, Lizzie L.

Carpenter, Absalom
Carpenter, Caroline
Carpenter, Charles
Carpenter, Eleanor
Carpenter, Gilbert
Carpenter, Mary A.
Carpenter, Oscar W.
Carpenter, Sarah
Carpenter, William
Cary, Nathan
Cary, William
Chase, Edwin L.
Chase, Hannah
Chase, Phebe Maria
Churchwell, Cornelius
Clark, Bertha J.
Clark, Carrie A.
Clark, Evelinah
Clark, James C.
Clayton, Henry Edgar
Conklin, Jacob (1827-1853)
Conklin, Jacob (1850-1853)
Cooper, [Son of William and Sarah]
Cornell, Ann Maria
Coutant, Alice F.
Craft, Caroline
Craft, Catharine
Craft, Hannah
Craft, Harriet
Craft, Henry Livingston
Craft, John M.
Craft, Robert (1779-1793)
Craft, Robert (1794-1794)
Craft, William
Cronk, Alfred
Cronk, Charles W.
Cronk, Sally A. Carpenter
Cutler, Aramenty
Cutler, John
Cutler, Nathaniel
Cutler, Sarah Ann
Cutler, Stephen

Daniels, Frederick E.
Daniels, George
Dean, Caroline Sarles
Dean, Deborah Ann
Dean, Marcus
Dickson, Charles
Dickson, George
Dickson, Margaret
Dutcher, Adaline
Dutcher, Amanda
Dutcher, Benjamin K.
Dutcher, Tillie

Essex, Sarah L.

Fero, Rev. Thomas E.
Ferris, Rachel
Ferris, Stephen
Ferris, Absalom
Ferris, Cornelius F.
Ferris, James (1761-1826)
Ferris, James (1803-1838)
Ferris, Martha
Ferris, Peter N.
Ferris, Phebe Ward
Ferris, Richard
Fish, Sarah
Fisher, "Little Jessie"
Fisher, Emma
Fisher, Sadie W.
Fisher, Sarah M.
Foshay, Sarah

Gilbert, Almira
Gilbert, Catharine F.
Gilbert, Catharine
Gilbert, Joel F.
Gorham, Carrie J.
Gorham, Charles W.
Gorham, George Starr
Gorham, Henry
Gorham, James J.
Gorham, Josie
Gorham, Lillian Harriet
Gorham, Martha J.
Green, Elizabeth
Green, Flora
Green, Howard
Green, John
Green, John
Green, Joshua
Green, Mary
Green, Rebecca A.
Green, William
Greene, [Child of Enoch and Phebe]
Greene, [Child of Enoch and Phebe]
Greene, Dr. Enoch
Greene, Phebe H.

Haight, Charles
Haight, Deborah
Haight, James C.
Haight, Mary S.
Haight, Nicholas
Haines, Alexander
Haines, Amy
Haines, Godfrey
Haines, Hannah
Haines, Jerusha
Haines, John D.
Haines, Lyon Miller
Haines, Martha
Haines, Matthew
Haines, Peter
Haines, Phebe E.
Haines, Sarah
Haines, Solomon
Haines, Solomon S.
Hall, Abram V.
Hall, Ann Elizabeth
Hall, Eliza Ann Fish
Hall, Frankie
Hall, Isaac S.
Hall, James Smith
Hall, Mary H. Bower
Hall, Mary S. Haight
Hall, Nancy
Hart, Joseph P.
Hart, N. Coleman
Hart, Nancy
Hart, Reginald
Hart, R. Stewart
Hewlett, Ann
Hewlett, Isaac
Hewlett, Mary
Hewlett, Mary F.
Hewlett, Millard F.
Hewlett, William
Hewlett, William Henry (1832-1837)
Hewlett, William Henry (1849-1849)
Higgins, William
Horton, Susan M.
Hutchings, Esther
Hutchings, Warren



Kirby, Albert E.
Kirby, Joseph
Kirby, Mary
Kirby, Rachel
Kirby, Richard
Knapp, Frances L.

Lands, John
Lane, Albert S.
Lane, Eliza A.
Lane, William H. (1807-1876)
Lane, William H. (1846-1876)
Leggett, Charles E.
Leggett, Esther R. Sands
Leggett, Dr. Joseph
Leggett, Dr. Robert
Leggett, Mary Ann Sands
Leggett, Merritt E.
Lent, Permelia
Lent, Willet
Lent, Zilpha H.
Lester, Lucretia Edwards
Lester, Mary Seaman
Lockwood, Elise B. Cowers
Lockwood, William F.
Lounsbary, Isaac
Lounsberry, Robert
Luckey, Isabella Bird

Marten, Gilbert
Martin, Alcha
Martin, Elizabeth
Martin, Esther
Martin, Hester
Martin, John
Martin, John Jr.
Martin, Matilda
Matthews, David J.
Mead, Lewis H.
Mead, William H.
Merritt, Abijah S.
Miller, Elizabeth Doughty
Merritt, Joseph H.
Merritt, Mary L. Haight
Merritt, Nathan
Merritt, Ruth
Miller, Charles H.
Miller, John
Miller, Jonathan
Miller, Monmouth
Miller, Phebe Pine
Miller, Sarah Elizabeth
Miller, Rachel Merritt
Montross, Mary
Montross, Susan
Mosher, "Little Emma"
Mosher, Willie H.
Myers, Amy


Odell, Johnson

Park, Caroline
Perry, Clarence
Pinkney, John
Pinkney, William
Platt, Elizabeth
Platt, Emma Maria
Platt, Evelyn
Platt, [Daughter of Harry and Elizabeth]
Platt, Phebe Elizabeth
Powers, Ann
Pullis, Major Washington B.
Purdy, Charles H.
Purdy, Deborah
Purdy, Jacob
Purdy, Philander G.
Purdy, Sarah Carpenter


Reynolds, Anna T.
Reynolds, Bethia
Reynolds, Cyrus
Reynolds, Henry F.
Reynolds, Marietta
Reynolds, Matilda
Reynolds, Smith
Rooney, Mary

Sands, Cynthia J.
Sands, Elizabeth
Sands, Florence
Sands, Jesse M.
Sands, Josie
Sands, Willie
Sarles, Ann
Sarles, Ann A.
Sarles, Ann Eliza
Sarles, Annet
Sarles, Bailey B.
Sarles, Caroline
Sarles, Caroline G.
Sarles, Catharine G.
Sarles, Eddie
Sarles, Edmund B.
Sarles, Edward B.
Sarles, Elkanah
Sarles, Erastus
Sarles, Esther A.
Sarles, Esther W.
Sarles, Fanny
Sarles, Flora
Sarles, Floyd
Sarles, Hamilton
Sarles, Hannah
Sarles, Harold
Sarles, Henry A.
Sarles, Henry Edgar
Sarles, J. Merritt
Sarles, James Henry
Sarles, John
Sarles, John B.
Sarles, Julia M.
Sarles, Leila May
Sarles, M. Elizabeth
Sarles, Maria
Sarles, Mary
Sarles, Mary F.
Sarles, Mortimer
Sarles, Mylon
Sarles, Nancy (1784-1825)
Sarles, Nancy (1783-1863)
Sarles, Nancy A.
Sarles, Parthenia
Sarles, Phebe W.
Sarles, Philip
Sarles, Samuel
Sarles, Sarah Elizabeth
Sarles, Sarah G. Mosher
Sarles, Schuyler
Sarles, Seely
Sarles, Squire
Sarles, Stanley W.
Sarles, Tartullus
Sarles, Theodore (1799-1856)
Sarles, Theodore (1837-1839)
Sarles, Theodore G.
Sarles, Thomas
Sarles, Thomas E. (1836-1869)
Sarles, Thomas G.
Sarles, Thomas H.
Sarles, William
Sarles, Wilson Henry
Sarles, Mary E.
Schesler, Annett Cronk
Seaman, Charles L.
Seaman, Eunice
Seaman, Obidiah
Searles, Lydia A. (moved to Oakwood Cemetery)
Searles, Lyman W. (buried in Oakwood Cemetery)
See, G. A.
Shamp, Ann M.
Sherwood, Abram
Sherwood, Anna Augusta
Sherwood, Annie Augusta
Sherwood, Clayton E.
Sherwood, Mary Frances
Sherwood, Matilda K. Sands
Sherwood, Rev. Daniel W.
Slagle, Abraham
Slagle, Elizabeth
Smith, Albert R.
Smith, Charlotte T.
Smith, Fannie Jane
Smith, Henrietta
Smith, Morris C.
Smith, Salena
Smith, Seraphin
Stanton, Annie
Stanton, Emily
Stanton, James P.
Stanton, Jemima
Stokem, Isaac W.
Stokem, Matilda Ann
Swain, Hattie Vail

Taylor, Ann 
Thorn, Abby Jane
Thorn, Charles (reburied in Kensico Cemetery in 1907)
Thorn, George
Thorn, Harriet B.
Thorn, Hattie B.
Thorn, Stephen (1811-1891)
Thorn, Stephen (1852-1852)
Thorn, Susan
Thorn, William
Thorn, J. Lewis
Thorne, Theodore
Tompkins, Adelia
Tompkins, Elizabeth Ann
Tompkins, Emeline Cornelia Mead
Tompkins, Franklin B.
Tompkins, Gilbert H.
Tompkins, Mahalia
Tompkins, Mary Jane
Tripp, Lewis
Tripp, Martha B.
Tripp, Ruth A.
Tripp, Sarah L.
Tripp, Willie H.
Tyler, Abigail S. Brundage
Tyler, Gilbert Henry
Tyler, Henry D.


Van Tassel, Anna Maria
Van Tassel, Ardelia C.
Van Tassel, Gilbert
Van Winkle, Frances Thorn

Washburn, Jesse E.
Washburn, C. H. Purdy
Washburn, Edith S.
Webb, Caroline
Webb, Charles H.
Webb, Hannah
Webb, Mary L.
Weeks, Joshua
Weeks, Sarah
White, Elizabeth
Whiting, Marcus
Wickson, Dorcas
Wilkes, Mary Ann
Williamson, John V.
Williamson, Julia E.
Williamson, Mary E.
Williamson, Mary J.
Williamson, Robert
Wood, Elisa
Woolsey, Jonathan (1783-1826)
Woolsey, Jonathan (1826-1855)
Woolsey, Joseph B.
Woolsey, Susan Emily
Wright, Anna
Wright, George Henry Seaman
Wright, Hannah W. Searles
Wright, Harriet Maria Seaman
Wright, James
Wright, Jesse
Wright, Lester Seaman
Wright, Lewis T.
Wright, Louis Seaman
Wright, Nathaniel
Wright, Robert
Wright, Samuel Serles
Wright, Sarah B. Seaman
Wright, Thomas


Yeamans, Mary Elizabeth
Yerks, Anthony
Yerks, Derinda
Yerks, James
Yerks, Mary (1802-1857)
Yerks, Mary (1821-1881)
Yerks, Mary L.
Yerks, Sarah

Zarr, Jesse

Adapted from William Applebie Eaderley and Robert B. Miller's 1905/1909 transcription.


  1. Thank You so much for doing this!

  2. Would it be possible for you t get a photo of the grave of the John Brundage who is buried in the Episcopal Cemetery, He may be the grandfather or great grandfather of the Gilbert Brundage who is buried there.

  3. I have further genealogy on Gilbert Brundage b. 1787


    Rueben Brundage b. 1762 Minnisink NY (moved back to North Castle, NY)

    grand father:

    John Brundage b. 1733 North Castle, NY d. 1796 Minnisink, NY

    great grandfather:

    John Brundage b. 1709 Rye, NY d. 1779 North Castle, NY - This is the John Brundage who is

    possible buried at the Episcopal Church Cemetery