Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Other Cemeteries


Old Burying Ground, Fairfield
Old South Windsor Cemetery, South Windsor

Home Cemetery, Kennebunk
Mount Desert Street Cemetery, Bar Harbor: Part 1
Mount Desert Street Cemetery, Bar Harbor: Part 2

Longmeadow Cemetery, Longmeadow
Old Burying Ground, Sturbridge: Part 1
Old Burying Ground, Sturbridge: Part 2

New York
African Burial Ground, Manhattan
Elmsford Colonial Cemetery
First Presbyterian Church Graveyard, Yorktown 
Hill Cemetery, Putnam County
Old Cox Burying Ground, Armonk 
Old Dutch Burying Ground/Sleepy Hollow Cemetery
Quaker Cemetery, Westchester County
Sparta Cemetery and the Grave of the Leather Man, Briarcliff Manor
St. John's Episcopal Church of Tuckahoe, Yonkers
St. Paul's Church and Cemetery National Historic Site, Mount Vernon
St. Peter's Episcopal Church Graveyard, Van Cortlandtville
St. Stephen's Episcopal Church Graveyard, Armonk
Stoney Hill Cemetery, Harrison
Trinity Cemetery, Trinity Church Wall Street, Manhattan
Yorktown Baptist Church Graveyard, Yorktown
Winchell Mountain Burying Ground, Millerton
Zar Cemetery, Chestnut Ridge

Rhode Island
North Burial Ground, Providence
Tillinghast Cemetery, Providence


St. Giles Churchyard, Oxford
Graveyard of the Parish Church of St. James, Avebury

Canongate Kirkyard, Edinburgh
Old Calton Burial Ground, Edinburgh
South Leith Parish Kirkyard, Edinburgh
St. Vigeans Churchyard, Angus